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Contemporary Contemporary Dance/ Improvisation/ Movement Memory

Termin / Datum: 22.08.2016 | Geschrieben am 08.08.2016, 19:57 von Ilana Reynolds | Kategorie: Modern

A Dance Workshop and Performance Series at Lake Studios Berlin given by dance artist Ilana Reynolds.

: Ilana Reynolds is a dancer, teaching artist and performer who's background and influences are based in Afro-Brazilian dance/Capoeira, release techniques, somatic practices and improvisation. She received her BA in dance in the USA and intensely studied traditional and contemporary dance practices in Salvador, Brazil. For eight years she danced professionally for dance companies in the USA and has been living in Germany for three years. She is part of the artistic team of Lake Studios Berlin, a dance residency and research center.
Ilana's work is about working to direct physical sensations into energetic impulses and responses. Her movement research stems from utilizing improvisation and imagination to physically explore, play and discover sensations and textures in the body. She is interested in how these qualities are lived and experienced rather than simply remaining representations of ideas. Fine-tuning the ability to tap into the intuitive and listening mind and body while unlocking the dance’s own creative system, inspire her research.

Workshop (August 22-25 13h-15:30h):
This specific dance/movement workshop is inspired from a performance practice Ilana has been developing called keep. It is a practice between audience and dancer(s). It touches on the inherent paradox of trying to keep any live moment - whether that moment is experienced as a physical manifestation through the dancer's body or a visual snap shot captured by the audience's eye. What moments are worth keeping and composing with, and how do we make those choices? Through contemporary dance and improvisation practices we will work on skills of how to remember, re-collect, reference and compose our movements, as they become passing memories existing through time and space. During the workshop we will take turns as active observers to challenge each other as performers. In order to train our physical memory we will explore how physical forms resonate in the body, how movement phrasing emerges and how specific spatial relationships form. In the process there will also be space to harvest new tools, share ideas and exchange in dialogue.

KEEP Performance August 27th 20h: On August 27th Ilana will give a performance of keep which then participants of the workshop will be able to see and connect to though having done the workshop.

COST: 60 euros (including workshop and a ticket to the performance of keep )

For further infos/registration/questions please email:
submergefestival@gmail.com or reynolds.ilana@gmail.com
website: www.lakestudiosberlin.com and http://reynoldsilana.wixsite.com/dance
FB: Lake Studios Berlin

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