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Swing Session at Savoy Club - Live Music & Dance in Neukölln

Termin / Datum: 01.09.2018 | Geschrieben am 11.07.2018, 13:19 von Swing Base | Kategorie: Swing

Swing Session is our monthly event in Neukölln! After a successfull and amazing first edition, we will have our second Swing Session on September 1st! All Swing Dances are welcome

- Live Band - Declan Ford & his Orchestra (5 musicians & - 3 sets)
- DJ Your Crémant playing his records on turntables!
- Wooden Floor & Bar

Declan Forde & His Orchestra:
- Declan Forde (Piano)
- Dima Bondarev (Trumpet)
- Eldar Tsalikov (Sax / Clarinet)
- Matt Griffiths (Drums)
- James Banner (Bass)

Concert starts at 9.30 p.m.!
Entrance Fee: 11€ (10€ erm.)

Adress: Werkstatt Der Kulturen Berlin Wissmannstraße 32, 12049 Berlin,

How to save your spot: www.swingbase.de/swingsession
You can also try your chance at the door ;)

What makes Swing Session so special? Swing Session is the result of an exchange between dancers & musicians... We are passionate dancers, they are passionate musicians. We explain them what we loves about swing, they share what they do the best and we give them back by connecting to their music. Swing Session is a long term project where we developp a partnership with different group of musicians. Be part of it ;)

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